15 Min
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Per person,excluding
international flights

Banana Boat Ride in fun activity in Bentota , the Banana Rideis the most suitable and exciting watersports activity for the whole fun-loving family. With up to 7 adventurers sitting astride the giant inflatable Banana, the experienced speed-boat Captain will execute repeated sharp turns in his attempts to flip the Banana Boat upside-down and dumping as many riders as possible into the water! Prepare to get wet! This is possibly the most hilarious activity as you try to defeat the Captain’s best efforts at getting you into the Lagoon, as you hang on during this white knuckle ride! An exhiliarating and enjoyable activity!

Approx. USD 7 / 15 Min

Excluding international flights

Minimum Number of Pax 04
Price per Person USD 7

Price Includes

  • 1 Km ride in the Bentota River