Sri Lanka Travel – Do’s & Don’ts

DO Try to master the local head-wobble. You won’t succeed, but simply trying will bring you closer to comprehending its exact meaning.

DON’T Photograph the soldiers. Sure, the war was over many years ago, but as in other countries around the world,  taking picture of soldiers it’s not allowed.

DON’T Overestimate your spicy-food capacity. You can always add more, but those taste buds may never recover.

DO Take three-wheelers as much as possible. You’ll be that much closer to the travel experience (and death).

DON’T Underestimate the power of wildlife. An average of 40 to 50 people are killed by elephants every year.

DO Try the tea. Visit a spice market. And play some cricket. Participating in Sri Lanka’s sources of national pride brings you closer to the locals.

DON’T Just travel the south. All the tourism information will point you in this direction because the civil-war conflict was in the north. But the war is long over, and the real untapped travel destinations await your discovery

Don’t be scared. Get out there and explore. Sri Lanka is awesome.

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