Yala – The Jungle Book of Sri Lanka

Crossing the borders of the Yala National Park means immersing oneself  in The Jungle Book.

Along the sandy paths that creep through the vegetation, you can see the furtive shadows of the animals waiting for the first rays of the sun to give life to the spectacle of the awakening of nature.

At the first light of dawn, birds are the first to make their presence felt by their different melodies and calls. The rising sun covers in gold this vast protected area that consists of low wooded areas, wide savannahs, marshes and long sandy beaches.

The air warms up and so  the daily  activities begin; big and little animals are busy with their  daily tasks. The big, placid elephants bask in the sun, while the little ones enjoy bathing in pools of cool water. The screaming monkeys chasing each other from branch to branch shake the fronds of the trees. Peacocks prowl elegantly showing their finest. The clever, agile leopards glide like shadows in the undergrowth waiting for a prey. Watercourses welcome a large variety of animals in search of food, relief or simple refreshment. Life pulsates within this wonderful natural  reserve.

The incredible number of animals, the spectacular savannah, the enchanting views and the wonderful lagoons, make the national park of Yala one of destinations of Sri Lanka and the world not to be missed.  Although it is not possible to experience this magnificence alone, the superb beauty of this place will remain unforgettable to all those who do visit it.